The Harmony Mausoleum at Anderson Memorial Park Cemetery

To celebrate our 85th anniversary, a new and exciting development was unveiled. Completion of our first phase of the four-phase project is complete. Each garden mausoleum building provides dry, above-ground entombment. Crypt spaces are available in single deluxe, companion deluxe, and tandem companion and include the personalized bronze crypt plate.  

Also featured are cremation niches in the courtyard settings. What a perfect way to offer memorialization for cremation. By placing the ashes, you ensure a proper tribute throughout the years. Each niche includes the personalized bronze niche plate. *picture above

Burial Lots at Anderson Memorial Park Cemetery

Traditional burial is still the most often chosen form of disposition in and around Madison County and at Anderson Memorial Park Cemetery. With sixty–five acres of the park’s grounds currently developed in garden formations with unique themes, Anderson Memorial Park Cemetery has a location to fit your desires.
Whether you prefer the garden of the fountain with the impressive cast bronze angel or the garden of cross with the gleaming granite cross rising as the focal point, Anderson Memorial Park Cemetery has gardens with meaning for you. As the park continues to expand, there will be additional gardens added to the facility, all keeping within the design and atmosphere of the grounds. Lots are available for interment or inurnment as your choices desire.

Burial Vaults at Anderson Memorial Park Cemetery

Anderson Memorial Park Cemetery has been manufacturing burial vaults on-site since 1950. They produce three styles of quality burial vaults in the vault facility located within the grounds at Anderson Memorial Park Cemetery. Saving the family money and supporting local manufacturing jobs, we encourage families to inquire about the locally produced vaults.

Responsible for maintaining the integrity of the gravesite and protection of the casket, concrete burial vaults are required at Anderson Memorial Park Cemetery and are divided into two types: air seal and top seal. Both are made of steel reinforced concrete and have the graduated slope top for disbursement of water and soil; to the outer perimeter of the vault.

In addition, Anderson Memorial Park Cemetery offers the complete line of trigard burial vaults which are top of the line. Unique in their design and featuring handcrafted detailing these vaults are meant to be displayed above ground at the graveside service. The burial vault can be customized to represent military service or to match the selected casket.

Purchasing your burial vault through Anderson Memorial Park Cemetery will not only save you financially but also helps support and beautify the resting place you have selected for your loved one as well.
Garden Mausoleum

Garden Mausoleum at Anderson Memorial Park Cemetery

The garden mausoleum at Anderson Memorial Park Cemetery is an option for those looking for above ground entombment. Single and double entombments are offered in a garden mausoleum. Personalized bronze crypt plates are included with the purchase of the mausoleum space.

Private Mausoleums at Anderson Memorial Park Cemetery

Private family mausoleum estates are available at Anderson Memorial Park Cemetery. Sizes ranging from single entombment to any other size may be customized for your family and loved ones. These private mausoleums allow your family to have its own unique and distinguishable burial site. A personalized consultation with our knowledgeable staff will help you select this impressive tribute to your family.

Cremation Columbarium Niches at Anderson Memorial Park Cemetery

Anderson Memorial Park Cemetery is pleased to announce the garden columbarium featuring niche units for cremation inurnments. As cremation is increasingly chosen, the columbarium offers one option for permanent memorialization. Single or companion units are available within the beautiful granite structure and a personalized bronze memorial niche plate is included with the niche. Additionally, vase units are available so special events for the loved one may be remembered with decorations. By selecting the cremation garden columbarium you or your loved one will have a lasting place for family and friends to visit and place remembrances.

Cremation Urns at Anderson Memorial Park Cemetery

On display in the Anderson Memorial Park Cemetery office is a selection of cremation urns, with much more available through special order. Stop by today to see our lovely options for cremation, all at an attractive price.
Memorial markers

Bronze Memorial Markers at Anderson Memorial Park Cemetery

To memorialize a loved one’s life is to preserve their unique story for future generations. This important process has been around for thousands of years and is as important today as when it started.

The staff at Anderson Memorial Park Cemetery is pleased to help you with the time-honored tradition of selecting a memorial for your family member or loved one. Handcrafted in beautiful bronze the marker you choose will celebrate their life and show your love.

Bronze memorial markers are on display in the Anderson Memorial Park Cemetery office and appointments are available so our trained and knowledgeable staff may guide you through the steps of the selection process.
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